Investment Management company transforms their digital infrastructure with support from Fordway

Apr 17, 2023

Fordway is helping our new client to maintain a secure infrastructure within their hybrid workforce, for example ensuring the protection of data on mobile/personal devices.

Fordway have been helping the customer to design and implement Conditional Access policies to restrict and prevent workers from storing company data on unmanaged devices and Microsoft Intune policies to redirect local folders to OneDrive.  

Fordway have also assisted the customer to design data retention policies for their Microsoft 365 services to further restrict data loss prevention and Local Administrator Password Solution (LAPS) to protect administrator’s passwords and minimise these passwords becoming compromised. Fordway are actively working with the customer to deploy these over the coming months.  

As well as the protection of data, Fordway are also helping the company to develop a documented process to find/retrieve data that may have been lost or deleted accidentally – as in busy workplaces, mistakes happen – sometimes very critical ones!  

The Investment Management company unlocks opportunities with purpose, from digital infrastructure, energy efficiency and social housing. As well as this, Fordway are pleased to support a company that provides SMEs with capital, helping to create more jobs and feed our economy.  

Tech transformation in the Finance & Investment Sector

Many companies in the financial and investment sector benefit from help with their IT strategy and focusing more on their securing their infrastructure. 

With the rise of remote working and flexible business models becoming more commonplace, we speak to many companies within the Investment Management sector and across industries who state they have ongoing concerns around increased security risks as well as unlocking the full potential of their cloud services.  

Within the Microsoft umbrella are many advanced tools and capabilities there to support businesses to ensure their infrastructure is secure and to minimise risk.

One of them is Zero-Trust, a strategy that fundamentally changes existing security practices and is essential for IT professionals to be aware of in 2023.  Organisations can verify identity; devices; and access to reduce the chances of security breaches.

Many business leaders face the challenge of piecing together the myriad of tools and services within their Microsoft 365 E3 or E5 subscriptions to enable Zero Trust. We can help connect the dots for you...

We use a simple process of a  Microsoft 365 Health Check to identify opportunities for improvement and determine how M365 can help you achieve them.  

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