Do More with Less: Maximising the possibilities of Microsoft 365

May 24, 2023

In this blog, we’ll be discussing how Microsoft 365 can help businesses find solutions to common challenges and unlock the full potential of their existing environment.

In the current wave of financial instability, businesses need to be more forward-thinking and tactile with their investments, and find innovative ways to reduce outgoings and remove barriers to collaboration and productivity. The need to improve efficiency and embrace new technologies goes hand in hand with the plethora of tools and capabilities offered under the Microsoft umbrella.

Along with recent uncertainties in global economic growth, hybrid working has also placed pressures on organisations to have a complete rethink of their current operations and processes. Organisations are now under more pressure than ever to find ways to improve communication and productivity whilst improving the safety and privacy of data through device and endpoint security.

Do More with Less: Meeting the needs of the modern worker

Microsoft 365 unites the employee experience and tools for collaborative working. Doing ‘more with less’ is all about allowing teams to work with the correct technology and reach their full potential. The tools within the Microsoft umbrella allow organisations to recruit and retain talent by offering the right technologies which enable teams to work better. Employees also benefit from the agility and flexibility to work from anywhere – safely and securely.

It’s not about overworking or overwhelming employees – with innovative Office apps and powerful cloud services, Microsoft 365 can help organisations to rise to today’s operational challenges.

The tools needed to enable hybrid work, including meetings, chat, scheduling, managing tasks and projects, file storage, analytics and automation, security can lead to an increase in costs for an organisation and the complexity of adding, deploying and overseeing each solution individually. This is what makes Microsoft 365 the perfect solution.

Bringing all of these tools together in one platform makes hybrid work easier and smarter for employees. With Microsoft 365 lies the opportunity to help customers achieve more with less by giving them the power to consolidate and reduce operating costs, optimise business performance and build a zero-trust security strategy equipped to overcome security threats and data breaches.

Hybrid working also paves the way for an increase in ‘Bring Your Own Device’ models in the workplace, and Microsoft 365 is ahead of the game. Microsoft 365 provides businesses with the technologies to move from ‘trusting all devices’ on-site to a zero-trust, security-first model – all in a timely, efficient fashion. The Microsoft suite includes tools such as Microsoft Defender, Application Guard and Device Guard, helping in the fight against old and new threats, providing a powerful defense against cyber attacks.

Endpoint Management

One common challenge facing organisations is endpoint management. With employees requiring access to their data across devices, from various locations, organisations need to be equipped with a secure and permanent strategy in place. Microsoft offers a range of options including Azure Virtual Desktop, Windows 365 and Intune all adaptable to tailor to your needs.

This helps you to have more flexibility and greater control over your IT environment, manage device security and user permissions and be rest assured your applications and devices are secure.

Microsoft Viva

We thought it was worth shining the spotlight on Microsoft Viva – relatively new to the scene, Microsoft Viva is the first integrated employee experience platform for hybrid workers. The great thing about Microsoft Viva is it was built with employees in mind and emphasizes bringing people together.

In the family of Microsoft Office apps, Viva and Teams, the modern workplace is a moveable, flexible space constantly evolving and changing as new technologies come to light. Teams provides a simple approach to collaborating with multiple people and projects, allowing you to put more of your time into the task at hand. Microsoft Viva, however, provides the insights and tools to create the optimum employee hub that connects and empowers colleagues within Microsoft 365.

Thriving on knowledge-sharing, learning and resources, Viva encourages your workforce to focus on growth, providing valuable opportunities for learning and building their skill-set.

It’s worth noting that although many businesses may already have Microsoft 365 subscriptions, they may not realise all of the features and capabilities available to them or how they work. Using our Microsoft expertise and over 30 years’ experience helping organisations with their digital transformation, we can help you to ‘Do More with Less’ and achieve your IT goals.

Unlock the full potential of your Microsoft 365 license

The Microsoft 365 (M365) suite of applications defines the modern workplace, providing a plethora of tools and capabilities, but many organisations simply aren’t utilising the full products and features available to them in their current subscription. Fordway’s Microsoft 365 Health Check Assessment will deliver the capability that your organisation needs to enhance your licence and realise the full value of the Microsoft 365 subscription.

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