IT as a Service


Is IT holding you back? 

The way IT departments operate is changing.

Expectations are high and the demands made on them are continuously increasing, working faster and harder than ever before to transform from building-centric to cloud based, agile, available anywhere, anytime services in a manageable cost-effective way.

Doing this with fewer people, fewer resources and limited funding is proving to be a huge challenge for many. Legacy systems, mixed platforms, multiple versions, erratic support, rigid policies, short staffing, hiring challenges, lack of technical know-how… and endless cost pressure slows everything to a grinding halt.

The need to just keep things working removes any opportunity to innovate; to add real value. 

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Taking your IT headaches away…

With Fordway ITaaS we work side by side with you to discover the real pain points; develop a plan to take them away; and lay the foundation to set you free. We simplify the complex and manage the mundane services on an “as-needed, pay-as-you-go” basis whilst giving you independent strategic advice throughout the journey. You’ll free up resources, access new capabilities, take back control to
use IT in an innovative way. 

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An end-to-end solution to help you in all areas…

Public Cloud

Maximise the benefits and utility of using the public cloud

Data Centre & Private Cloud

Get the security, control and performance for your
mission-critical business applications wherever they are

Connectivity & Access

Access rock steady networking and mobile communications to support business operations

End-User Computing

Provide modern, consistent, and secure experience for your office and remote users

Application Availability & Business Continuity

Ensure your core IT services are always available. Your IT service will be seen as an enabler.

Enhanced Security

Protect your data through our enterprise security toolset and continual monitoring to let us detect, investigate and respond to immediate security threats.

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