Cloud Strategy Review


If you have been using cloud for some time, has your environment kept pace with new instance types, capabilities and services?

If you are looking to migrate legacy applications to cloud, are there better
options than lift and shift?

Fordway’s Cloud Strategy Review helps organisations to assess how effective, how complete and how well you are realising the benefits of cloud by providing an independent review of your current IT environment and how effectively you are using its capabilities.

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We’ve been helping organisations for 30 years to implement and manage IT change.

We use a proven method, Fordway’s Cloud Adoption Model,
to assess the capabilities, capacity and performance of your current
infrastructure, plus your operational practices and security. From this
we provide advice and guidance to help you understand potential
operational improvements, efficiency gains and cost savings that
your organisation could realise to improve capability, performance
and security.

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An end-to-end solution to help you in all areas…

Independent view of the organisations use of cloud computing

Specific advice on the opportunities for your organisation

Evidenced to inform your business case

Normalised against other organisations and their requirements

Real-world understanding of current application setup, configuration and cloud options

Tailored advice specific to your business challenges and budget

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