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Microsoft Azure Sentinel Managed Service    

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Sifting through a sea of security alerts to identify what may or may not pose a threat is incredibly risky and inefficient.

Genuine incidents can easily be missed and the sheer volume of notifications will quickly burn out your IT team as alert fatigue sets in.

Wouldn’t it be great if someone else could keep an eye on your security, so you didn’t have to?

Our Managed Sentinel service will remove the heavy lifting, keep you safe, and help sort the real threats from the false positives.

Fordway’s team of Azure Security experts will ensure your Sentinel environment is implemented, configured, and monitored to the highest level.

As a certified Microsoft Security Partner, we are recognised for our expertise in Microsoft Sentinel. Our team of highly skilled cybersecurity engineers excel in threat hunting, detection, incident response and threat intelligence. Backed by our 24/7×365 UK-based security operations centre (SOC). We provide relentless protection for your business, ensuring peace of mind every minute of every day.

Unlock powerful AI and machine learning. Industry-leading threat protection without the fuss.

The benefits of Fordway’s
Sentinel Managed Service?

Expert configuration

Complete end-end-security service

We’ll set up Sentinel to your specific requirements to monitor and maintain security 24/7 365 days a year across your Microsoft and on-premise environments. This includes third party security tool integration and SYSLOG servers. We’ll investigate threats, notify you of issues, contain any incidents, and provide guided remediation for efficient threat defence.

Using Kusto Query Language (KQL) we’ll write specific queries for threat hunting, which means you’ll stay proactive by spotting specific security alerts promptly.

Real-time reporting

Real-time Dashboards and Reporting

Fully customisable dashboards are updated in real-time with the information most important to your Organisation. Bespoke reports can also be created to provide a closer look at any metrics.

Plug the skills gap

Avoid costly recruitment

With the current cyber security skills gap in the market, in-house teams of analysts are being overwhelmed with the number of alerts generated by their systems.

Instead of expanding your team, you could turn to Fordway’s team of Microsoft-certified experts. We will be the ones to pick up alerts at 3am, not someone from your team.

With Sentinel Managed Service, you get ongoing human and machine monitoring for your security threats. There’s no gaps in your protection, which removes a single point of failure caused by unexpected absences.

Flexible Payments

Pay only for what you use

The Microsoft Sentinel managed service from Fordway is a ‘pay for what you use’ model. Flexible billing is based on a number of factors unique to your business. As these factors change, billing is automatically adjusted, ensuring that it scales alongside your business.


Improved functionality and efficiency. 

Fordway can improve the functionality of your Microsoft Sentinel environment and ensure your environment is optimised. We help customers get the most from Microsoft security tools such as Sentinel and Microsoft Secure Score to help organisations build on the intelligence and insights these tools provide.

We configure rules and alerts to capture events and logs from required systems.

Rapid Response

Logic based SOAR playbooks 

Sentinel offers automated event and response containment, which means that cyber threats are detected quickly and can be responded-to automatically.

From initial detection through to appropriate response, every threat is dealt with quickly and effectively, with strict SLAs in place depending on the severity of the threat.

Our Service Desk
Our ITIL-aligned ISO20000 Service Desk
is core to our managed services, providing
IT support 24/7, 365 days a year from our UK offices.
Security Baseline Assessment

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fully covered against cyber attacks.
Assess your foundational security setup
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Microsoft Sentinel FAQs

What is Microsoft Sentinel

Microsoft Sentinel is the ultimate security solution for your organisation. With its cloud-native architecture, it provides scalable and efficient security information event management (SIEM) and security orchestration automated response (SOAR). Experience the power of Microsoft Sentinel as it delivers unparalleled security analytics, threat visibility, proactive hunting, and seamless threat response across your entire network.

What is Microsoft Sentinel?

Microsoft Sentinel is a modern SIEM platform with next-generation SIEM capabilities.

Sentinel outstrips legacy SIEMs by leveraging the Cloud and powerful AI and machine learning algorithms.

It’s designed to work best within the Microsoft ecosystem, and – when paired with other Microsoft technology stacks – provides holistic protection for your whole organisation.

Outside of the Microsoft arena, it still provides incredible protection and is highly compatible with third-party applications, log sources, and other cloud platforms.

How does Microsoft Sentinel work?

Sentinel employs integrated artificial intelligence to analyse vast amounts of data throughout a company. It consolidates data from various origins, such as users, applications, servers, and on-premises or cloud-based devices. By utilising expandable machine learning algorithms, the platform correlates millions of low-level anomalies to present fewer significant security incidents to the analyst.

Let’s discuss your IT needs

We understand that switching to a managed service for your security environment is a difficult decision. The first step is to get a baseline review of your security posture. Contact a member of our security team today.