Providing our customers with  powerful file sharing 

Fordway has teamed up with FileCloud to enable organisations to better manage, share and protect their files. 


FileCloud offers seamless remote access, advanced file backup, sharing, and synchronization from PCs, mobile phones, and tablets. You can implement FileCloud to manage your own servers and NAS devices. As well as this, FileCloud can help to manage Microsoft Azure files and BLOB storage, AWS EFS and S3 storage and compatible storage from other public cloud providers.

With FileCloud you get to define where your data is stored, not the service provider. The fully integrated, enterprise-grade platform supports workflow automation and granular control of content sharing. You can also transfer files or create a collaboration space where files are stored that can be accessed at anytime from anywhere, without the need for a VPN.


FileCloud fills a key niche in our portfolio to help customers better secure, share and manage their file data. It’s a simple, cost-effective solution rather than having to implement complex document and content management systems, which gives our customers control over data sovereignty and data governance that cloud-hosted shares can’t provide.

Data control and protection is key for all companies, but truly necessary for sectors such as the Public Sector, Banking, Financial Services & Insurance, Healthcare, Pharma & Life Sciences, Aerospace & Defence, Manufacturing and Tech. FileCloud’s hyper-security and compliance options make it the prime solution for enterprises and government agencies.

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Unlock the benefits of FileCloud

Secure file sharing

FileCloud offers easy, secure shared access to your files for seamless remote working, with a set of features to help you protect your files. These security features include limiting the number of downloads, setting the time that files will be available for download, setting files as view only, restricting uploads, protecting download links with passwords, and more.


Data compliance is an evolving standard for security, as new technology and threats develop. FileCloud is responsive to the changing industry needs and regulatory landscape, offering a Compliance Centre as a standard feature. The Compliance Center provides an easy-to-use dashboard that connects FileCloud’s features and tools with regulatory requirements.

Simple remote access and sync

The big advantage of having a secure cloud storage solution like FileCloud is having access to your files from anywhere using any device, FileCloud offers you multiple alternatives to access your organization’s files securely without a VPN. You can access your files via the web, a virtual drive, a mobile app, and browser add-ons.


FileCloud is designed so that admins and users can customise their experience from beginning to end, and implement specific workflows for authorisation, control, and management of an organisations’ data.  FileCloud offers FileCloud Online (hosted by FileCloud), FileCloud Server (hosted on your own server and behind your firewalls), or a hybrid option of the two. 


256-bit AES encryption and SSL/TLS protocols secure data at rest and in transit. Active Directory and NTFS integration, two-factor authentication, and SSO (Single Sign-on) bring FileCloud into the pre-existing organisational infrastructure. Admins can rest assured knowing that certain security features are automatically built into the FileCloud platform while others can be enabled as needed.


FileCloud provides advanced Digital Rights Management (or DRM) that prevents unauthorised access, screenshotting, printing, and copying; data retention policies and various administrative features to maintain control over data such as file analytics and reports; role-based access to system administrators, and device management.

FileCloud Server

Experience the power and control of FileCloud’s self-hosted solution by running it on your on premises infrastructure, securely behind your firewall. With this option, you retain complete  ownership and oversight of your data, ensuring maximum privacy and compliance. 

FileCloud Online

Embrace unparalleled flexibility and control over your organisation’s data storage with FileCloud Online. The cutting-edge solution empowers you to make crucial decisions about where your data  resides, ensuring security and compliance. 

FileCloud FAQs

How does FileCloud work?
How does FileCloud work?

FileCloud cloud storage platform is self-hosted file sync, access and share server and can be controlled you at any point in time. With the support of a web interface, FileCloud online storage and backup solution provide you the accessibility to the stored information. Access, share and manage files from any device.

Can you use FileCloud with any cloud platform?

You can store data in the infrastructure of your choice across On-premises, Public (IaaS e.g AWS, Azure) or Hybrid Cloud or FileCloud servers. Many countries require you to store data within their geographic region. You can use your own servers or pick Azure /AWS in the region to run FileCloud. FileCloud also supports hybrid cloud, where you can combine local servers along with servers in the cloud.

Is there a limit on FileCloud storage?

FileCloud offers unlimited storage space.

With FileCloud, users get all relevant features such as large file transfer without size limits, automatic synchronization, unlimited file versioning, and data loss protection.

Any questions?

If you have any queries about how you could benefit from FileCloud or want to discover how it could align with your Cloud strategy, please get in touch below.