Cloud Security – How Secure is your Critical Business Data?

Mobile and flexible working mean that the parameters of what is required to maintain data security have changed and are continually evolving. In the past, businesses have focussed on protecting their network perimeter to keep business data secure.

The document covers :

  • Why protecting the network perimeter is no longer enough
  • What does secure data mean in a business context?
  • Identity and authentication management
  • Network security
  • Information lifecycle management
  • Business continuity
  • Developing a data security policy
  • Developing a data security strategy

This White Paper is designed to help you address the cyber security challenges relevant to your business and make a case to your Board for the resources you need to implement an effective data security policy. It looks at data access, movement, storage and restoration, including the disciplines of identity and authentication management, network security (with practical tips on how to manage mobile working and BYOD/CYOD endpoints), data loss prevention and business continuity..

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