What we do

Our commitment to providing good quality independent advice has not changed in 26 years. 

Fordway work with UK based medium to large enterprises across all market sectors with complex IT requirements, who desire change and want reliability and security.

Our skills and expertise are applicable to any industry or market sector; our customers are defined by the size, complexity and importance of their IT operations rather than their industry.

Every organisation needs effective, efficient and optimised IT infrastructure, whether run internally, under contract with service providers or run on the cloud.

We solve business problems and help our customer’s businesses work better. Our approach is customer focused.  We don’t have external investors, stakeholders or specific vendors to force us to recommend a particular course of action or products. Engagements begin with a facilitated discussion with you and key stakeholders to clarify and prioritise work. We learn from your knowledge and experience to identify the outcome and steps required.

We act as a trusted partner and help customers:

  • Develop and deliver IT Strategy to meet the long term needs of their organisation
  • Make sense of the competing claims made by the variety of vendors and delivery models available
  • Get the optimum mix of reliable, robust IT services to maintain business operations
  • Plan, transition to and manage cloud effectively
  • Manage and mitigate IT Risk.

If you’d like to find out more about how Fordway can help your organisation call us directly on 01483 528200 or fill out the form below.

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