Microsoft 365 Backup Service


Fordway’s Microsoft 365 Backup service for Office 365 provides a complete backup and restoration capability for all Office 365 data.

As per Microsoft’s terms and conditions, whilst Microsoft will make ‘best efforts’ to prevent data loss from the service, they do not offer guarantees, and there is no native backup or data restoration capability.

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Fordway’s Microsoft 365 Backup service provides peace of mind for an organisation that their information is secure and protected from any service interruption, accidental deletion, loss or malicious attack.

Between Exchange, OneDrive, Teams and SharePoint, plus utilities such as Planner, Yammer, PowerBI and Stream, organisations are creating and storing business critical data.

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Key Benefits

Industry leading data protection product

With a proven track record as an enterprise class backup solution

Flexible Retrieval

Granular level of recovery down to individual file or mail and to multiple targets (back to original location or specified path)

Seamless integration with M365

Supporting multiple file and system types


Covers regulatory compliance, with the same in-depth search parameters as for backing up

Policy based retentions

Easily definable policies delivering comprehensive retention against users or groups.

Experienced team

Fordway have many years of experience with the product – knowing the vendor, the interface and characteristics.

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