Cloud Service Management 

Fordway’s Cloud Service Management delivers the end-to-end functionality required for support of the IT operations of all systems, irrespective of platform or provider. 

Fordway manage multi-vendor environments for a multitude of public, private and third sector organisations, providing the added value services to integrate all components into a single cohesive dashboard and alerting solution.

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Fordway have the breadth of knowledge and experience to manage any organisations entire cloud portfolio, or the parts they lack experience on.

Having both business, project and technical capabilities, Fordway staff can ensure the current and future business requirements are fully realised along with the basic day-to-day running of systems. Fordway are a safe pair of hands for operational management of any cloud resources.

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Key Benefits

Detailed Knowledge of Cloud Services to support your in-house team

Use the Fordway expertise and knowledge of providing comprehensive, tailored operational and management solutions.


Fordway will provide independent feedback on the benefits and limitations of cloud platforms and align with other products if necessary.

Proactive Implementation

Fordway’s knowledge can turn reactive responses to alerts into a proactive, automated, policy and risk-based response that ensures all threats are dealt with in a professional manner.

Experienced Personnel

From business, project management and technical viewpoint, Fordway have over 30 years’ experience of real-world deployments and operational requirements.

Continual Service Improvement

Comes as standard with the service, delivered through recommendations and insights from the service reporting supported by scheduled Service Reviews.

Comprehensive Operational Assessment

As part of the service initiation Fordway will perform a detailed analysis against the existing management tools, alerting and thresholds, to ensure real benefits can be gained.


Fordway’s personnel will work alongside your IT staff and any third parties to ensure the best result for your organisation.

Detailed Knowledge of Management Tools

Fordway have extensive knowledge of the Advisor, Log Analytics, Sentinel tools, also how to integrate them with other complimentary Microsoft products, including Lighthouse, Monitor and Arc. These can be configured to deliver the necessary statistics and dashboard for each organisation.

Understand Legacy

Fordway understand the importance of legacy systems to organisations, and ensure they are provided the same level of support and integrations as all other services.

Clear Reccomendations

Fordway will produce a set of costed recommendations on how to get the best operational and management solution out of the licences held and how to migrate any systems over.

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