Cloud Service Integration and Management (SIAM)


A service management function supporting the IT operations of customers in a single or multi-supplier environment

Most organisations using Cloud have multiple SaaS services, plus IaaS, PaaS and are almost certainly trying to implement Zero Trust connectivity and service access, it’s all getting a bit complicated. Fordway’s Cloud SIAM service assists customers with the 6 key elements of SIAM, as defined by the SIAM Foundation:

1. Manage Service Integration Governance: Multi-sourcingorganisations need to be able to define, establish andcontinuously adapt the service integration governance.

2. Manage the Service Integration Organisation: Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to develop andmanage the distributed organisation in accordance withchanging business requirements.

3. Manage the Business: Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to manage business demand and develop a service portfolio in alignment with business requirements.

4. Manage Tools and Information: Multi-sourcing organisationsneed to be able to manage distributed information and theintegration tool solutions.

5. Manage Providers and Contracts: Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to select an appropriate provider portfolio and to manage the providers according tothe outsourcing contracts

6. Manage End-to-end Services: Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to understand and manage the business services end-to-end. This includes consolidation of business as well as IT services especially during mergers & acquisitions and demergers & spinoffs.

Integral part is IT service management including relevant processes. The purpose is to create a cohesive IT estate, regardless of the underlying platforms and systems. This enables organisations to get full value from their cloud migrations and complete visibility of where information is stored and used.

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Fordway will align customer service requirements with best practice framework such as ITIL, SFIA and ISO20000 where appropriate and bridge any service management process and procedures with other standards and frameworks such as ISO27001.

Fordway provides insight and advice to develop a service integration and management layer that manages the cloud environment and meets the customer’s Service Level Requirements.

Fordway can then work with customers to review, design, implement and operate service management processes that supports the transition of their services into a cloud environment, potentially across multiple suppliers, to ensure their service level requirements are met and prioritised.

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Key Benefits

Aligned with ITIL best practices and regulatory requirements (ISO20000)

Tailored, human assistance for organisations migrating to Cloud services

Enterprise class toolset based on Service Now provided with the service

ITSM toolset integration available with customer and managed provider toolsets

Customised services and reporting in addition to those available from Fordway’s standard services

Cross supplier service consolidation and reporting against defined service levels

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