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With multiple service providers things can get a bit complicated. Our service integration and management capabilities enable us to support your IT operations and bring your supplier management into one place.

We provide a single point of contact for all stakeholder organisations within the service chain including internal customer support groups, third-party suppliers and Fordway’s own service offerings. The service provides management capabilities across all SIAM layering models.

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Why do I need this?

Fordway’s Cloud SIAM service assists customers with the 6 key elements of SIAM, as defined by the SIAM Foundation:

1. Manage Service Integration Governance: Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to define, establish and continuously adapt the service integration governance.
2. Manage the Service Integration Organisation: Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to develop and manage the distributed organisation in accordance with changing business requirements.
3. Manage the Business: Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to manage business demand and develop a service portfolio in alignment with business requirements.
4. Manage Tools and Information: Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to manage distributed information and the integration tool solutions.
5. Manage Providers and Contracts: Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to select an appropriate provider portfolio and to manage the providers according to the outsourcing contracts
6. Manage End-to-end Services: Multi-sourcing organisations need to be able to understand and manage the business services end-to-end. This includes consolidation of business as well as IT services especially during mergers & acquisitions and demergers & spinoffs.

Cloud solutions, be they public, private or hybrid, are commodity services which offer the cost benefits but also adds complexity when planning the management of services that these individual solutions support.

The Benefits

Aligned with ITIL best practices and regulatory requirements

Tailored, human assistance for organisations migrating to Cloud services

Independent review and reporting of third-party supplier capabilities and outsourced contracts

Service on-boarding and Service Management capabilities for dealing with multiple partners, including third parties

Enterprise class toolset based on Service Now provided with the service

ITSM toolset integration available with customer and managed provider toolsets

Customised services and reporting in addition to those available from Fordway’s standard services

Cross supplier service consolidation and reporting against defined service levels

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