Cloud Migration Review and Planning


Any migration is a change and changes can be risky for any business.

Fordway are experts in change.

Any migration is a change and these changes are typically only performed infrequently by any organisation. A change is a risk to the business. Most organisations have IT personnel who can
maintain and manage their core systems and keep business as usual (BAU) running, but only the largest and most complex have teams of people dedicated to defining, implementing and
managing change.

We’ve made it our job to remain at the forefront of technology, which we have successfully achieved. Whether it is on premise to cloud, IaaS to SaaS or migration between cloud providers, Fordway has the technical expertise and project delivery skills to ensure
the desired outcome for your organisation.

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For over 30 years we have been migrating critical systems, from old technology to new, for a wide variety of enterprises and public sector organisations. 

In the last 15 years we’ve delivered 150 to 250 migrations per year. Whilst the technology has changed massively, in our estimate there have been 8 or 9 technology cycles, the processes and skills required to manage these migrations has evolved, from PRINCE2 to a PRINCE/Agile hybrid, without fundamentally changing.

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It is not just about the technology and where it runs.

The migration must provide minimal disruption to the users and maintain up-time to an acceptable level for the business. See the full list of benefits below…

Minimise Risk

Fordway will minimise the risk of issues during and post the migration, with our flexible can-do approach.

Reduce Issues

Having migrated multiple clients from/to multiple scenarios, Fordway already have a wealth of experience both project and technically to ensure a significant reduction in issues raised later in the project (where they will cause the most disruption).

Experienced Personnel

From business, project management and technical viewpoint, Fordway have multi-years of experience of real-world situations.

Varied Toolset

Fordway have a lot of different tools that can be utilised to migrate applications and data.

Understand Legacy

Fordway know companies have legacy systems with potential integrations that can not just be ignored.

Cloud Skills

As a managed cloud provider and deliverer of privately hosted solutions, for many years, Fordway have a detailed understanding of delivering and supporting solutions across any portfolio.

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