Cloud Architecture Management 


Fordway’s Cloud Architecture Management service delivers secure operational control of ever-expanding cloud complexity.

As organisations and vendors embrace cloud services, their footprint increases, along with the intricacies and inter-system dependencies.

Fordway’s service provides both a consolidated view of all elements of your cloud services, with proactive planning, review and impact assessments made for any planned changes.
We then help with the change process and implementation, providing consistency and management to the organisation.

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The service covers cloud infrastructure, platforms, SaaS services, identity, security and cloud management and support.

Fordway’s Cloud Architecture Management reduces the overhead of operating and managing cloud, multi-cloud and/or hybrid systems from your existing IT team, who may not be specialists in this area. As cloud system administration is different from on-premise, to get the best out of cloud, staff will either need to be re-trained or allow Fordway manage this.

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Key Benefits

Comprehensive cloud architecture management

Fordway will operate and manage the environment
producing real-time dashboards and reporting.

Experienced Personnel

From business, project management and technical viewpoint, Fordway have multi-years of experience of real-world situations.

Improved Security

Included within the operation capabilities are specialised cloud security products. Delivering automated and adaptive responses.

Varied Toolset

Fordway have a lot of different tools that can be utilised to operate and integrate different cloud and on-premise solutions.

Granular Compliance and governance

Full search and audit processes, to ensure only the appropriate information is stored for the correct duration. Includes legal hold.


Fordway’s personnel will work alongside your business, IT staff and any vendors/ third parties collaboratively, as each has the understanding and skills necessary for optimal
management and reporting.

Cloud Skills

As a managed cloud provider and deliverer of privately hosted solutions, for many years, Fordway have a detailed understanding of operating and managing solutions across any portfolio.

A team with over 30 years' experience

Fordway’s provides organisations with joined up IT to run excellent IT Services. This is underpinned by our commitment to ensuring long-term customer success.

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