Backup and Service Continuity


A service to give you peace of mind that your data backup and disaster recovery are in safe hands.

Fordway BSC provides a complete Backup, Restore, Failover and Disaster Recovery (DR) service to any organisation, irrespective of size, status and complexity, across multiple cloud platforms and on premise systems. The service allows organisations to divest themselves of the never-ending headache of whether systems have been backed up and if any data restoration or service recovery from a disaster would be successful.

It also fixes the resources and costs associated with this function into clear monthly costs and hands this task to experts in this field.

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Fordway’s Backup and Service Continuity replaces the capital and operational staff costs of running an in-house backup with a fixed cost per TB of protected data per month with limitless capacity.

Your organisation’s information and systems are secured off-site in Azure. You will not need to purchase another piece of backup hardware again or worry about needing a secondary location.

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Key Benefits

A simplified process

No more investment required in backup
hardware and software.


Fordway will provide independent feedback on the benefits and limitations of the cloud connectivity to any platform.

Data sovereignty

Make use of SDN and Zero Trust Networking to make a real difference to business performance.

Use of advanced tools

Uses best of current technology to minimise
backup widows and maximise efficiency.

Experienced team

Trained, certified and experienced technical staff
manage the entire process.

24/7 security

24 x 7 monitoring and proactive alerting on all key

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