Microsoft Azure Virtual Desktop Management


Virtual desktops are a valuable tool for corporate IT teams to provide
secure, full capability desktops to staff and contractors.

The service helps those who are using non-standard, BYO or low specification hardware, allowing a full corporate desktop to be
accessed and used on any device that has suitable connectivity to
access it.

Microsoft offers two cloud desktop options: Windows 365, the ‘ready rolled’ option, which is licensed per named user, and is best for smaller environments, high concurrency and simple desktops; and Azure Virtual Desktops, the ‘roll your own’ option which is better for larger environments, low concurrency and complex desktops.

Fordway offer services to manage both environments.

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Fordway’s Azure Virtual Desktop Management service ensures that all operational requirements for virtual desktops are managed in a cohesive manner.

This includes the virtual desktop configuration and the security of the environment. Dashboards and reports are used, to keep the organisation appraised of status, along with regular meetings to review and update the infrastructure.

Fordway believe in pro-active maintenance, rather than waiting for a component to fail and then worrying about the consequences.

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Key Benefits

Get the most out of Azure Virtual Desktop

Ensure desktops and associated critical infrastructure remains operational with pro-active management

24/7 service support, security and management

Fordway monitor all elements and provide 24/7 security management as an optional additional service


Fordway will provide independent operation and management, insights and recommendations, we work on behalf of our clients

Experienced Personnel

From business, project management and technical
viewpoint, Fordway have multi-years of experience of real-world deployments and operational requirements


Fordway’s personnel will work alongside your IT staff and any third parties collaboratively, we offer extensive SIAM expertise and experience

Detailed Knowledge of Management Tools

Fordway have extensive knowledge of the Microsoft management tools, including Lighthouse, Monitor, Sentinel
and Arc. These can be configured to deliver the necessary statistics and dashboard for each organisation

Understand Legacy

Fordway know companies have legacy systems with potential integrations that cannot just be ignored

Clear Recommendations

Fordway will produce a set of costed recommendations
on how to get the best out of the Virtual Desktops and their operational management

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