Fordway offers public cloud in the latest G-Cloud 10 framework

The company has been on the GCloud framework since its first iteration and has won more than £13million of business. Fordway’s Consultants regularly advise first time framework users on how it works and provide advice on cloud strategy and the services organisations require.

“Although we offer our own cloud services, we always consider the bigger picture, and we know that for many applications public cloud is the best option,” explains Fordway managing director Richard Blanford.  “However, each provider has a slightly different model, so finding the right solution isn’t straightforward. With these new services we’ll use our knowledge of everything from service design to reserved and spot instances to help organisations choose the right solution at the right price without being locked in to something unsuitable.

“Meanwhile they’ll continue to need either managed or private cloud for niche applications and many legacy services, so the future is likely to be hybrid for some time. That’s where our Cloud Management and Monitoring Services help by providing an overview of everything from a single pane of glass.”

Fordway’s managed cloud services are hosted on its own infrastructure in two UK data centres. These include specialised services such as Identity Management as a Service (IDAMS), currently being used by a large government agency, as well as Endpoint Backup and Compliance, Patch Management as a Service and Cloud Security Monitoring and Cloud Security Management.

Find out more about Fordway’s Managed Cloud Services and Cloud Intermediation and Consultancy.

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