Managing Your Hybrid Cloud

Cloud management might, on first thought, be perceived as something that is not required for cloud services, as they are all designed to be commodity services, primarily with user self-service through web portals. However, most organisations prefer, and in many cases need, a human voice and face plus organisation specific information from their services. Additionally, there may be several cloud providers who collectively provide your IT service.

Choosing the right mix of cloud services and the most appropriate provider/s can be a complex series of decisions. To assist in the process Fordway offers a range of cloud intermediation services. These cover assessing an organisation’s IT Service Delivery capabilities and strategy, helping it realign to operate in the cloud, advising on the most effective hybrid cloud model for current and future needs, and assistance with implementation, support and operations. Our experience in defining and negotiating such contracts enables us to ensure that the deliverables from the cloud provider are well defined, fit for purpose and optimal for your organisation.

As well as these consultancy services, Fordway is also a managed cloud provider offering a wide range of services, including PaaS, IaaS, SaaS and more specialised services such as patch management (PMaaS), identity management (IDAMS), plus the cloud monitoring, security monitoring and cloud management tools to enable organisations to monitor their cloud environment. These are provided from our two UK Tier 3 data centres.

This combination of skills makes Fordway uniquely qualified to help organisations choose the best cloud solution for their needs. As a provider ourselves, we know the right questions to ask to ensure that organisations get what they need from their suppliers, and that services are portable and future-proof. We do not hesitate to recommend public cloud where it provides the most appropriate solution, but will ensure that costs and service levels are thoroughly analysed to avoid unexpected bills. We can host more difficult or legacy services that are not currently suitable for public cloud, or need a higher level of security than can be guaranteed on public cloud. This hosting can either be an interim solution until a replacement application is developed, or a more permanent answer should public cloud not be the most appropriate option.

Fordway White Paper - Your Roadmap to the Cloud

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