Fordway Early Stage Options Analysis

Independent analysis to help you get a head start on your strategy.

Fordway’s Options Analysis consultancy provides review, discussion and recommendations to address digital infrastructure, IT operations, IT process and IT Service Delivery issues. Our report will advise your decision making process before your organisation commits resource to a critical project.

For a fixed priced of £2,450.00 (ex VAT), you will receive:

  1. 2-man days on-site consultancy working with your team
  2. Consultation to agree on your priorities and provide valuable insight
  3. Advice on scope, approach and deliverables
  4. Follow up report and discussion confirming findings and recommendations.

On completion, if you feel our work did not provide clarity, new insight or an appropriate plan of action, then we will refund this in full.

Our expertise assists with:

  • IT Strategy
  • Enterprise technical architecture
  • Transformation planning
  • Contract review
  • Core infrastructure change
  • Service improvement

This guarantee only applies to Options Analysis Consultancy; it does not apply to technical analysis and consultancy or installation work.

Why Fordway?

Fordway’s IT consultancy provides customers with better results, faster. We work with UK based medium to large enterprises, across all industries, and UK public sector organisations. Our skills and expertise are applicable to all; every organisation needs effective, efficient and optimised IT infrastructure, whether run internally, under contract with service providers or run on the cloud.

We have nearly 30 years’ experience doing this. Each year we assist over 100 organisations – there’s every likelihood we’ve seen the issue, or something very much like it and helped another customer resolve it. We’re fully trained in and accredited to established best practice such as ITIL, SFIA, COBIT, ISO 27001 and Cyber Essentials. We are also versed in IT security best practice, and have UK Government National Cyber Security Centre Certified Consultants on tap. When we collectively identify best resolution we deliver change using Prince 2, Agile, or these days more commonly a mix of both.

We’re vendor independent – we’ve worked with most of them. In our view the actual technology itself is very rarely the issue. The key is to ensure you know what you really need from it, and why. Our job is to ensure you achieve what you need, faster, with higher quality, and more cost effectively than you could have without our help.

How do you ensure your advice is relevant to my organisation?

Our Business Alignment services enable organisations to align their IT infrastructure to their business requirements, ensuring it provides an effective platform for the services that add value to their organisation. Whether you want to deploy an in-house solution or use our managed services, all of our services adhere to BS25999, ISO 9001 ISO 14001, ISO 20000 and ISO 27001 compliance standards. We deliver:

  • A review and baseline of existing IT structures and systems
  • Strategic planning for the implementation and operation of IT structures and systems
  • Implementation of recommendations
  • Use of best practice methodologies such as APAC and ITIL, where appropriate.

Tell me more about Infrastructure Optimisation?

Through our Infrastructure Optimisation Services we review an organisation’s existing IT and design and implement an efficient and effective infrastructure that aligns with its business requirements. Using our in-depth understanding of existing and emerging technologies and 30 years’ experience in infrastructure optimisation, we help organisations make the most of their existing capabilities and licences and introduce new technologies where they will add value.

Our services cover all aspects of data access, data management, availability and recovery and include:

  • a review of the existing solution
  • recommendations and design of improvements
  • implementation of improvements using best practice standards
  • infrastructure support.

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