Server & Storage Consolidation

Fordway’s cloud architecture is available as a multi-tenant resource for our clients. Many will choose triple-zone hybrid cloud configurations: they may have an on-premise cloud connected to a fully private cloud in one of our two UK data centes with an additional layer of resilience and extra capacity provided by a virtual private cloud in a different location. Our cloud platform has been designed with flexibility in mind, and this has been welcomed by our clients.

We provide a pre-agreed number of new dedicated virtual servers, housed in a dedicated colocation rack (or racks), with a pre-determined number of virtual cloud machines configured to the client’s dedicated hardware. This is delivered as a turnkey private cloud service with the ability to expand the configuration either by expanding the client’s private cloud or through time-limited hybrid cloud configuration.

Storage Layer

The storage layer provides all the enabling technologies – disks, SAN, snapshots, management, deduplication, etc. – that are used to store each client’s data. It also enables us to provide value-added services such as managed backup and other hosting and cloud modules as requested by individual clients.

Server Layer

The server layer provides the resources necessary to support the hosted applications and services. For virtual private, private or hybrid cloud clients, we provide these “as a Service” using leading-edge blade servers housed in chassis in our racks in two UK data centres. For colocation or managed cloud service customers, the servers are owned by the client.


The virtualisation layer is at the heart of cloud computing services. We implement a hybrid cloud platform based on VMware and Microsoft technology which we tailor for each client to suit their technical requirements and budget.

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