Data Management

Data management is becoming increasingly important as organisations develop strategies to store and secure data more efficiently in line with its business importance. Fordway can analyse an organisation’s data management capabilities, looking at aspects including storage, performance, security and business continuity, and support the organisation in the categorisation and protection of its data.

The biggest opportunity for making storage savings comes from addressing unstructured (or file-based) data. Unstructured data growth shows no signs of abating: it will make up the bulk of data growth in the data centre for years to come, driving the IT team to take a long hard look at unified storage platforms, scale-out NAS and cloud storage services to alleviate the strain.

Fordway can help you define and deliver a server and data storage, management and archiving strategy to take your organisation forward. It will ensure your current and future storage demands are managed efficiently and cost-effectively and provide you with the ability to rapidly and cost effectively increase or decrease resources to meet your organisational requirements.

Here’s the view from one of our clients…….

“When we said we needed an infrastructure open-ended and flexible enough to handle unknown levels of growth, Fordway suggested the ideal technical solution. We never expected this level of growth in terms of either number of servers or volume of data. The flexibility of the system has been key, as it’s simple to manage the virtualised environment and provision new virtual servers whenever we need them. We get a lot more out of much less kit!”

Stuart Gale -IT & Server Manager

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