Successful cloud transformation comes with expertise, planning and execution.

While cloud offers many benefits, not all services are suitable for the cloud services currently available.  As IT leaders are pressured to drive a digital agenda, build an agile IT service through cloud transformation, and lower costs, the right expertise is essential to make a successful transition.

After helping many organisations implement cloud, we believe the technology is the least important part. What matters most are understanding how your business is evolving; bringing all your people on board; aligning your processes with those of a cloud model; and identifying who is accountable for the risks. It then becomes straightforward to choose the most suitable cloud platform for your needs.

We can help you at every stage. Fordway will:

  1. Develop a strategic roadmap to take you to the cloud.
  2. Implement an IT and business alignment review to define service levels needed.
  3. Work alongside you throughout the migration.
  4. Provide the necessary resources to deliver your migration on time and on budget.
  5. Advise on the best technology to enable your organisation to manage costs and grow.
  6. Take advantage of all the relevant benefits cloud has to offer.

Where are you on your cloud journey?

Thinking about cloud?

IT Strategy Roadmap supporting business needs

– On-premise
– Co-located
– Outsourced
– All in house or run by someone else.

– Where do I start?
– What impact will it have?

How Fordway can help
Options analysis, Business case development
IT strategy roadmap and security advice

Hybrid Cloud

Dipping a toe in … (currently Starting SaaS)

Operational efficiencies and improved user experience

– Couple of SaaS Services
– Perhaps working in test and development environments

– Authentication
– Integration
– SLAs
– Availability management
– Connectivity

How Fordway can help
Environment design, Migration assistance security advice

Hybrid Cloud

Delivering quick wins

User collaboration, workplace enhancement, secure flexible working

– O365/G-Suite Migration
– Lift and Shift to public cloud
– New applications developed in cloud using PaaS

– No suitable SaaS for core applications

How Fordway can help
Environment design, Migration assistance, Service Management, Security & Compliance, Governance

Hybrid Cloud

Tackling Legacy

Improved performance and productivity, cost efficiencies

– Redeveloping core applications
– Move legacy applications to SaaS

– New Development Model

How Fordway can help
Service Management, Security & Compliance, Governance Platform/environment management

Fully in the cloud

Secure working, optimised spending, rapid deployment of new services, business benefits

– No Domain Controllers

– Cloud spending
– Optimisation of cost and performance
– Environment
– Cloud Management

How Fordway can help
Service Management, Security & Compliance, Governance

Where are you on your cloud journey?

“Fordway’s experience and the support they offered was a key factor in our decision to award them the contract,”

Damon Fox, Digital Integration Manager at Fusion.

Find the right solution for your needs

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