Governance and

Good governance simplifies choice and supports strategic management of IT activities. 

It’s more important than ever to:

  • Provide Assurance that data is secure.

  • Maintain customer trust.

  • Meet regulatory and legislative standards.

  • Protect your organisation’s reputation.


  • Driving business objectives.

  • Increasing productivity.

  • Demonstrating the value IT gives to the business.

  • Managing costs.

Effective governance enables organisations to address the above and accelerate change by:

  • Aligning people and processes to corporate goals
  • Operating and demonstrating a commitment to best practice policies and processes
  • Cementing accountability – ensuring everyone in the organisation understands their roles and responsibilities
  • Simplifying complexity and managing risk more effectively by applying sound management standards and controls
  • Providing a framework for continuous improvement

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Our services help organisations design and implement the right IT governance framework for their business objectives based on COBIT, ITIL, ISO27001 and SFIA industry standards. We can also help them achieve specific industry standards and address changes in legislation.

Fordway’s IT Governance and Compliance advice also covers:

  • Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus preparation
  • IT risk management
  • Business best practice and alignment review
  • Business continuity review
  • Business continuity design and implementation
  • Data management review
  • Data archiving and retention

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  • Benefit from an in-depth experience of all aspects of compliance across all sectors.

  • Use compliance to achieve business benefits.

  • Streamline and simplify compliance, making standards easier to maintain.

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