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End User Computing

Everything needed to support your end users.

Fordway’s IT as a Service provides the following connectivity and access solutions:

Desktop as a Service and Device as a Service

Offering everything needed to provide any organisation’s end user computing (EUC) requirements. Simplistically, it turns your current IT Service into a bespoke SaaS service for your organisation. We provide a fully managed and supported Windows or thin client device to your end users, with managed application deployment and full security.

There are two elements to Fordway’s DaaS service; device management, and application deployment and delivery, each of which can be purchased individually. The full service comprises both elements.

Device management comprises asset management within our secure CMDB, device warranty and maintenance management, with advance hardware replacement where this has been set up, OS patching, anti-virus and other security updates with security management plus secure web proxy for Internet access and browsing.

Application deployment and updates are provided in three ways, which can be mixed and matched according to customer requirements:

  • Locally installed applications with centralised deployment, configuration and management
  • Streamed applications and simple shared desktop using RDSH/Terminal Services
  • Streamed complex desktops delivered through individual VDI sessions per user

Fordway DaaS can also manage Windows tablets/convertibles, Apple MacOS PCs, iOS and Android tablets, plus iOS and Android smartphones. The service allows any user to access their corporate desktop from anywhere, using their choice of client device or a corporately supplied endpoint and provides flexibility to add or subtract users in line with organisational requirements. You only pay for what you use.

Cloud Managed Print Service

A simple yet secure printing solution that provides all the benefits of a cloud platform to a traditional requirement that currently needs on-premises equipment, namely printing. When organisations are adopting “Cloud First” strategies, the one area that still requires legacy solutions, is printing. With CMPS, printing can be performed from the cloud too!

Fordway CMPS provides a complete hybrid cloud-based print service, to any organisation, irrespective of size, status and complexity.

  • Remove the headache of managing legacy print solutions and the hardware required to run and support the traditional printing infrastructure.
  • Enables full management, control and auditing of the print environment all from a single location.
  • We monitor and manage the print service and queues for you, removing a significant perennial headache from day-to-day IT support.

Built on the EveryonePrint HCP (Hybrid Cloud Platform) the service provides a government approved, secure print solution.

Endpoint Data Protection and Compliance

A fully-automated, enterprise-class solution offered as Software as a Service (SaaS), covering backup, restoration, compliance and legal-hold. We offer elastic, on-demand storage that can grow to handle any number of users, with data stored in either Amazon AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Based on a per user licence model the amount of data stored is unlimited. The service can be instantly provisioned to a global user base with policies that lock user storage to specific regions.

Fordway EDPC offers secure, profile/user-initiated data backups and restores. It operates within multiple storage regions across the world to address the needs of the global enterprise. Providing high availability and enterprise-scale RPO and RTO, its enterprise-class security is compliant with international standards such as SOC-1, SOC-2, and SOC-3. The solution has been designed to provide multi-tenancy, with zero risk of cross system access, creating a virtual private cloud for each customer.

End User Support

With operational support and monitoring as standard, you also have the option of end user support from our UK based Service Desk.

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