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Connectivity and Access

Ensuring the connectivity and UX needed for your business.

Fordway’s IT as a Service provides the following connectivity and access solutions:

Cloud Connectivity Services

Fordway Cloud Connectivity Services can be deployed over existing or new bandwidth. Using state of the art SD-WAN and LAN management techniques Fordway delivers a network service that uses dynamic application-based routing to make the best of your underlying network infrastructure.

  • A cost-effective way of delivering the connectivity needed
  • Ensures you don’t need to maintain expensive or redundant links
  • Dynamically adjusts to use the most effective connection for each application
  • Ensures optimal user experience including access via mobile working

Deployed over an existing WAN to improve performance or supplied as part of a WAN replacement where Fordway will specify and source new bearers to meet your needs. The beauty of this approach is that you do not need co-termination of your existing WAN circuits or LAN management contract to take advantage of the improvements offered by Fordway as both new and old circuits may be wrapped up into a single service.

Three great reasons to use Cloud Connectivity Services!

End of Contract

Fordway’s network overlay solution may save you money on either LAN or WAN. The service makes best use of your bandwidth, dynamically adjusting to select the most appropriate connection for each application.

  • Supporting QoS for modern applications such as VoIP and video
  • Removes the need for a redundant link for failover.

Business Continuity

If you need additional home or mobile working capabilities due to unanticipated events, such as the Coronavirus pandemic, Cloud Connectivity Services can enhance and add additional capability to your existing network and providers to cope with the additional demands, allowing users to work effectively and above all securely from home or Covid-Secure office.

Cloud Migration

Need to move to the cloud? MPLS network holding you back? Fordway’s network overlay service organisations can add local Internet breakout at branch offices to leverage the ever-growing demand SaaS applications such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive. All this can be achieved while still adhering to centralised web browsing, URL filtering, and security policies.

PSN Gateway Service

Fordway provides a PSN Gateway service for organisations such as, local authorities, social housing providers and smaller central government entities who need PSN connectivity, but would like to simplify compliance requirements and reduce the cost.

The service enables these organisations to:

  • Exit from their existing PSN connection contracts.
  • Potentially exit the related PSN Code of Connection recertification, in advance of the transition to all PSN services being available over the Internet within the next few years.

Fordway’s PSN Gateway Service provides a highly available, flexible service at a significantly reduced cost compared to the existing PSN connection. Two versions of the service are offered:

  • Option 1 – PSN connection only service that allows organisations that need PSN access to cease their dedicated PSN connectivity contracts and use secure Internet VPN connections to access PSN via Fordway’s secure gateway. Under this option the connecting organisation will need to maintain their PSN Code of Connection.
  • Option 2 – PSN connection with a Fordway provided secure virtual desktop service giving access to PSN resources and delivering PSN applications and services directly onto users’ existing desktops. This option will not require local authorities to be under the PSN code of connection as Fordway’s service provides this certification for them.

Fordway is a certified PSN Service Provider with a significant infrastructure already in place delivering key services over the PSN to Government departments and associated agencies.

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