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Application Availability & Business Continuity

Ensuring your core IT services are always available.

Fordway’s IT as a Service support application availability and business continuity with:

  • Application and Service Availability Monitoring

Application Availability and Service Monitoring

This service provides you with a view of how well your core business applications and SaaS services are performing, in real-time, regardless of where they are hosted.

The key characteristics of Fordway of this service are:

  • A single service view across multiple SaaS/PaaS/IaaS/hosted services and in-house providers – enabling organisations with “single-point” service level management across distributed IT Service supply chains.
  • Customised service views – allowing available information to be incorporated into organisation or department specific views and to be presented in the most appropriate and useful format.
  • Service level monitoring – service level policies and measurements can be aligned against the service views to measure individual suppliers or the overall supply chain’s adherence to agreed SLAs.
  • Integration with an organisation’s own (or SIAM partner’s) service management toolsets – where notifiable events occur, or service levels are breached, incidents can be automatically created and uploaded into almost any service management application.
  • ITIL process integration – identification of qualifying events and the creation of incidents. Specifically, “drill-down” capability can be used for problem management to identify root cause.
  • Monitor private cloud services – any private or in house service can be included within service views where service statistics are available or agents can be deployed.
  • PSN and NHS N3/HSCN services monitoring
  • Service level management – of both specific suppliers and across an entire organisation’s IT service supply chain.

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