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Advanced Security

Protect your data and operations with our enterprise security tool set and monitoring.

Fordway’s IT as a Service provides the following advanced security capabilities:

Patch Management as a Service

Using industry-leading patch management tools we take complete ownership of your patching regime, managing delivery to all servers and endpoints. This is designed to remove this burden from your in-house team and ensure your IT systems stay compliant and secure. Fordway takes complete ownership of the service by automating and ensuring up-to-date patch delivery.

Key Benefits

  • Peace of mind – PMaaS ensures compliance and security of all supported assets
  • Provided by an accredited, trusted partner experienced in working with central government and the NHS
  • Frees up time for your internal team to focus on business change
  • Addresses vulnerabilities quickly to reduce the risk of being compromised
  • Non-emergency patching done outside business hours to minimise business interruption and downtime
  • Provided by an experienced UK based team working and providing support 24×7

Backup and Service Continuity

Backup and Service Continuity allows your IT Operations team to sleep soundly and concentrate on improving IT services rather than fire-fighting.

Providing the latest backup and disaster recovery capabilities with contractually agreed Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Fordway also factors in the Maximum Tolerable Period of Disruption (MTPD) for each organisation and therefore ensure businesses can and will survive any failure and still be a going-concern.

The key characteristics of Fordway’s BSC service are:

  • Fully Managed Backup and Restore – we manage and operate your entire backup and data restoration process.
  • Self-service Customer Restores – available through Fordway’s Customer Portal, for files and folders.
  • Comprehensive Reporting – Service Management, daily backup status reports and monthly availability, operational and capacity reports.
  • Full Microsoft 365 Support – full backup and recovery of all Microsoft 365 components (OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint Online).
  • Cloud Mobility – simple movement of workloads between locations (on-site, private/public cloud).
  • Disaster Recovery – full system image backup of both virtual and physical servers stored in the off-site storage, which is held and can be used for DR.
  • Hosted Disaster Recovery – Virtual servers can be bought on-line at one of Fordway’s Data Centres, if a disaster is invoked, and run until the customer environment is recovered.
  • Full or Partial Recovery – ability to recover some or all of the services to an alternate location.
  • Multi-site Recovery

Cloud Security Management

Fordway’s Cloud Security Management is a complete security package built around your specific requirements. Providing a holistic view of your IT landscape or attack surface. we’ll use our knowledge and tools to best defend each piece. The solution includes the processes, knowledge, and expertise to gain actionable insight into how best to defend and respond to threats and attacks.

Based around the 20 CIS controls Fordway’s Cloud Security Management comprises 3 straightforward services.

  • Cloud Security Baseline
    A review of your existing security posture to be used as an onboarding step or as standalone engagement for you to self-manage moving forward.
  • Cloud Security Management
    The tools and intelligence to monitor your environment and assess threat information in real-time with the option of virtual CISO reporting specific to your organisation.
  • Cloud Security Remediation
    Should the worst happen, the Fordway Virtual CISO will work with you and draw in technical expertise as needed to design and orchestrate your response and recovery plan for business recovery.

The service leverages Microsoft 365 and Azure products for cloud security and bringing in best of breed products and services from Fordway partners to ensure a complete security package can be built around your specific requirements.

Cloud Security Baseline

This service provides an essential baseline review from which organisations can assess, review and improve the security controls needed. It is also an essential part of onboarding to Fordway’s Cloud Security Management service.

Based on the first of the CIS Centre for Internet Security Critical Security Controls this service completes the first of the five categories

  • Identify
  • Protect
  • Detect
  • Respond
  • Recover

This service will discover and inventory your IT estate, as well as providing detailed risk analysis against the Microsoft Kill Chain tailored to your business sector, corporate vision & governance. From here you may self-manage or sign up to Fordway’s Cloud Security Monitoring service for complete peace of mind.

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