Managed cloud and DaaS support 1,600 community healthcare workers across Bristol

Bristol Community Health delivers community healthcare services across Bristol and beyond.

Desktop asa Service for HealthcareWhen it took over service provision for health services in Bristol it needed a purpose-built IT infrastructure that would support mobile working for its 1,600 staff. The organisation provides over 40 services, ranging from community nursing, health visiting and end of life care to school nursing, physiotherapy services and prison healthcare. Most of these services are delivered in the community or in the home, helping people to live life well in the comfort of their own surroundings.

The business need

BCH needed a new IT infrastructure to support its multiple sites and support its staff in providing healthcare in the community. With 25 sites across the Bristol area and teams working with patients at their homes or in community centres reliable mobile working was essential to provide access to all the systems used to support clinical care.

The solution

Fordway was awarded a five-year contract to provide BCH with a new cloud-based IT infrastructure using Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Desktop as a Service (DaaS). The combined solution enables healthcare staff to access the network from any location, with 24×7 support for whatever services they need, anywhere and anytime. Fordway’s managed cloud services provide the business continuity and resilience required to support operations from UK datacentres.

The desktop included core applications and full device management through Microsoft SCCM. 1,100 users were provided with new Windows 10 devices procured by BCH, while a further 400 Windows 7 desktops were redeployed from the previous contract. All services are fully mobile-enabled so that they can be accessed from any location through WiFi or 4G.

The Onboarding and Migration Plan

Rollout was carried out in a phased approach, with Fordway consultants working alongside the BCH project management team. On-site tailored training was provided to groups of users, to support each user’s level of IT proficiency. Analysts were on hand throughout to support for each site and handle initial queries.

The migration and on-boarding were fully managed by Fordway, with BCH providing application-specific expertise and testing. The project needed to meet strict budgetary requirements and a tight schedule. Part of the challenge was handling the migration of and re-platforming legacy systems seamlessly to minimise disruption. Testing, UAT and readiness acceptance was crucial to ensure sign-off and maintain the schedule, and an integrated communications plan meant that all BCH users were kept up to date with the information relevant to them. The result generated a detailed project plan managing risk, deliverables and accountabilities from the Fordway and BCH teams.

The benefits

Desktop as a Service is ideal for organisations such as BCH, whose staff need to access services from wherever they happen to be working. Desktops and applications can be supported, managed and updated remotely, meaning that staff don’t have to schedule an office visit. It’s also easy to manage access for locum and contract staff easing the administrative burden. We’re delighted to be helping BCH deliver vital services in Bristol.

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