Cloud Strategy

Align your cloud strategy to your business needs and deliver lasting benefit

Our guide will help you:

  • Deliver the strategic benefit promised by the vision

  • Understand the skills and management needed

  • Prioritise developments into a strategic roadmap

  • Select the services and service levels your organisation need

Get started:

Where are you on your cloud journey?

Thinking about cloud?

IT Strategy Roadmap supporting business needs

– On-premise
– Co-located
– Outsourced
– All in house or run by someone else.

– Where do I start?
– What impact will it have?

How Fordway can help
Options analysis, Business case development
IT strategy roadmap and security advice

Hybrid Cloud

Dipping a toe in … (currently Starting SaaS)

Operational efficiencies and improved user experience

– Couple of SaaS Services
– Perhaps working in test and development environments

– Authentication
– Integration
– SLAs
– Availability management
– Connectivity

How Fordway can help
Environment design, Migration assistance security advice

Hybrid Cloud

Delivering quick wins

User collaboration, workplace enhancement, secure flexible working

– O365/G-Suite Migration
– Lift and Shift to public cloud
– New applications developed in cloud using PaaS

– No suitable SaaS for core applications

How Fordway can help
Environment design, Migration assistance, Service Management, Security & Compliance, Governance

Hybrid Cloud

Tackling Legacy

Improved performance and productivity, cost efficiencies

– Redeveloping core applications
– Move legacy applications to SaaS

– New Development Model

How Fordway can help
Service Management, Security & Compliance, Governance Platform/environment management

Fully in the cloud

Secure working, optimised spending, rapid deployment of new services, business benefits

– No Domain Controllers

– Cloud spending
– Optimisation of cost and performance
– Environment
– Cloud Management

How Fordway can help
Service Management, Security & Compliance, Governance

Where are you on your cloud journey?

Expert advice at any stage

Formulating a cloud strategy and choosing the right mix of cloud services and the most appropriate provider is a complex series of decisions. To assist in the process Fordway offers strategic consultancy.

Our consultancy covers everything from assessing an organisations IT Service Delivery capabilities and strategy, helping it realign to operate in the cloud, advising on the most effective cloud model for current and future needs to providing assistance with implementation, support and operations. We will ensure that your cloud strategy and services are well defined, fit for purpose and optimal for your organisation.

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All Fordway’s services are available to the public sector through the G-Cloud Framework on the Digital Marketplace.  These services also support PSN and HSCN connectivity.

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