Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS)

How well could your company cope with a flooded office, a fire or an exclusion zone around your building?

Fordway Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) is actually Peace of Mind as a Service; the IT Operations team can sleep soundly and concentrate on improving IT services rather than fire-fighting.

Does your disaster recovery plan (or lack of) give you nightmares?

Fordway Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) provides a complete Backup, Restore, Archiving and optionally Disaster Recovery (DR) service to any organisation, irrespective of size, status and complexity.  The service allows organisations to divest themselves of the never ending headache of whether systems have backed up or whether the restore or recovery from a disaster would be successful.  It also fixes the fluctuating resources and costs associated with this critical function and hands this onerous task to experts in this field.

Fordway’s BRaaS replaces these with a fixed cost per TB of protected data per month with limitless capacity, secured off site in UK located Tier 3 datacentres – no need to purchase another piece of backup hardware again.  Further functionality available includes email and data archiving, including content indexing if needed for information compliance, laptop and remote PC backup, self service data restores and the ability for managed disaster recovery, tailored to  your organisation’s needs.

Fordway’s BRaaS service includes:

  • Fully managed backup – Fordway staff manage your entire backup and data restoration process. Clients receive daily backup status reports and monthly operational and capacity reports, no further involvement is required.
  • Disaster Recovery – Fordway BRaaS includes the automated off-site storage of a second copy of the data and server information held for DR purposes. Fordway provide several automated options including a solution which leverages Microsoft Azure Site Recovery. This can be replicated back to the primary customer site for installation onto servers in the event of a disaster.
  • Hosted Disaster Recovery – this additional element allows for virtual servers to backed up using Fordway BRaaS or Fordway BRaaS with Microsoft ASR. The instances can be bought on-line at one of Fordway’s Data Centres or in Microsoft Azure public Cloud if/when a disaster is invoked. The instances can continue to run until the client environment is recovered. These servers can then be accessed remotely via our client portal, a streamed DR desktop service can also be included in the service.
  • Data Archiving – less frequently accessed data and emails (defined per client) is archived and retained whilst the agreement is running. This saves charges and provides a near-line recovery capability.
  • Compliance – there are regulatory requirements on almost all organisations to be able to provide information back to certain time periods. This is similar to the archive feature and again is run periodically
  • Self Service Restores – instead of relying on a service desk to recover the files this capability allows the users to recover files through a web portal

Key benefits of Fordway Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) are:

  • No more tapes, actually no more investment required in backup hardware and software!
  • Trained, certified and experienced technical staff manage the entire process
  • Uses best of current technology to minimise backup widows and maximise efficiency
  • Guaranteed secure backup of systems and data
  • Off-site storage and management of secondary copy for Disaster Recovery
  • Known fixed cost (per TB) which scales as your organisation does
  • Data restoration and DR to defined SLA
  • Continuous monitoring and proactive alerting on all key components
  • Regular reporting on service status and core metrics
  • Service delivered from UK Based TIA Tier 3 datacentres
  • You sleep well in the knowledge that whatever happens your IT is in safe hands

All elements of Fordway Backup and Recovery as a Service (BRaaS) are certified to ISO 27001, data is managed to ISO 27001 procedures. For Public Sector clients Fordway’s BRaaS is currently certified to store information up to and including IL2, certification for IL3 Service Assurance is currently in process. Connectivity can be using Internet VPNs or MPLS networks. Public Sector clients can use PSN network links; connectivity is resilient across Fordway’s two datacentres

For more information about Backup and Recovery as a Service or any of Fordway’s Managed Cloud Services, please contact us. Public Sector clients can order IaaS and other Fordway Cloud services through the G-Cloud Framework, please go to, search on Fordway and browse the catalogue.

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