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IT Consultancy

Our core IT consultancy covers the following areas:

IT Infrastructure

Fordway APAC Methodology

Technical Design Consultancy

Skills for the Information Age

Infrastructure Strategy

Data Loss Prevention

Business Alignment

We bring all of this knowledge and best practice together in Cloud Intermediation Services  to aid your cloud transformation.

An intermediated approach to cloud is explored further in our FREE White Paper: Your Roadmap to the Cloud

Security and GDPR Workshop

Covering Cyber Essentials and GDPR in one!

Fordway's Security & GDPR Analysis Workshop is a one day workshop run by Fordway to help you ascertain the steps your organisation needs to take in order to achieve compliance. Get more information and sign up!


Fordway has 25 years' experience advising on strategic change and can help organisations step back and take a long, hard look at how IT needs to change in order to meet business needs.

The real value of IT to most organisations come from three factors: the business specific applications and data to run their operation; the business process improvements that can be implemented more effectively using IT; and the information and insights that can be gained from the data the organisation retains.

If organisations continue to do what they have always done, they cannot expect to achieve a different result. Many are keen to adopt ways of working, such as cloud, but want to understand the why and how before going ahead. Meanwhile complex infrastructures that are no longer fit for purpose consume a large amount of resource and cost while providing little business benefit. Reducing this complexity can reduce costs and improve efficiency.

Business imperatives leave limited time for strategic thinking, so obtaining expert opinion from outside the organisation can help to provide the data on which to develop a business case for the Board.

As an established IT consultancy firm and trusted cloud supplier we have developed our Cloud Intermediation Services to aid your cloud transformation. With Cloud Intermediaton Services we can help your organisation architect, integrate and manage the right cloud services for your business. 

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White Paper

Get your copy of Your Roadmap Through the Cloud our guide to planning, transitioning and managing your IT services when migrating partly or wholly to cloud.