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Fordway bridge the compliance needs of GDPR to align with other compliance frameworks such as Cyber Essentials, ISO27001 and ISO20000 with the objective to consolidate the costs of implementing such mandatory measures with strategic investment.


  • Strategic assessment
  • GDPR Readiness Assessments
  • Security compliance and security capabilities review
  • Risk assessments and management
  • Data mapping and data streams (including cloud and cross border transfer)
  • Organisation structure, awareness and commitment (in respect to security)
  • Organisational and contractual interfaces (Contractual controllers and processors)
  • Data Privacy Impact Analysis
  • Design and remediation services
  • Testing and Audit.


  • Full security review and analysis
  • Security model tailored for mandatory regulations and standard alignment
  • Organisation awareness and governance in respect to security and GDPR
  • Security remediation and solution design
  • Understanding and defining data use and data flows
  • Defining and contracting data responsibilities in the service chain
  • Adoption of best practise polices and procedures 
  • Experience in government, health and private migrations
  • Improving communications in respect to security and GDPR
  • Assurance of services through testing and audit.


 Cyber Essentials

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