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Fordway Cloud Readiness Assessment Service

Our Cloud Readiness Service is designed to answer the questions surrouding cloud adoption for your organisation.

This service reviews an organisations’ existing IT infrastructure maturity, current IT infrastructure spending and current and future requirements. From this we produce a report detailing what services may be suitable for migration to private or public cloud services, the business impact of this migration and the high level benefits (or not) of doing so for the business.

The Fordway Cloud Readiness Assessment takes the guesswork out of the cloud’s suitability and the organisation's readiness, as well as exploding some of the key myths surrounding the components and technologies purported to be essential for cloud computing.  Fordway will also answer the fundamental question of private or public and how to migrate to it, if appropriate.

Fordway offer two levels of Cloud Readiness Assessment:

  1. A free, high-level, on-site questionnaire based review of the key areas and a standard report covering the initial findings and top level recommendations. The report uses a standard template and is based on the answers you give us to tease out the key issues for your organisation.
  2. A comprehensive review of your business and IT systems with the information being gathered directly and validated, by experts on the business and technology components. It results in a wide-ranging report providing much more in-depth options and recommendations

The Fordway Cloud Readiness Assessment includes:

  • Business and technical requirements – the questionnaire discusses both the business requirements and the ICT drivers with key personnel from the organisation
  • Standard questions – which allow Fordway to benchmark their services against other organisations who have undertaken this review
  • Use of independent/experienced personnel – Fordway’s staff have many years' real world experience of a wide range of business types, systems and structures.  This experience is used to validate results and findings
  • Concise report – Providing findings, recommendations and a cost/benefit analysis outlining the cost effectiveness of the current service and the potential savings against industry standards and current spend
  • FREE! – The high level version, requires a couple of hours of time from key personnel from your business and technical teams and a day of Fordway’s consultancy time

You can read about how we helped the London Borough of Hillingdon with a cloud solution here

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Benefits of the Fordway Cloud Readiness Assessment:- 

  • Independent view of the organisation's use of cloud computing
  • Real understanding of what cloud means and how it could be beneficial
  • Firm evidence to take forward to the next step if appropriate, rather than a guess
  • Normalised against other organisations and their requirements

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