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Cloud Data Storage and Tiering will review and analyse the operational and governance requirements of an organisation’s data use and data storage requirements and then design a consolidated solution that meets the business cost and compliance needs by bridging the internal systems with cloud based services.


  • Due diligence on existing customer’s data use and storage requirements
  • Data categorisation, compliance and criticality
  • End user experience and consuming of data.
  • Rationalisation and consolidation of data storage
  • Cost reduction through data storge tiering
  • Backup and archive policies in line with data retention and deletion
  • Disaster Recovery requirements
  • On-going management, monitoring and reporting of multi supplier environments
  • Skill assessment and development of staff to transition to cloud.


  • Compliance of data storage to regulations and standards
  • Governance of data storage to optimise capacities and performance
  • Mapping data provision in respect to users and how they use data
  • Transformation of services to be cloud ready
  • Transferring services to the most appropriate hybrid model
  • On-going management of cloud based services
  • Continuous Service Improvement
  • Aligned to best practice frameworks such as ITIL and SFIA
  • Adoption of standards such as ISO27001 and ISO20000
  • Experience in government, health and private migrations

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