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Your Roadmap through the Cloud

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Moving one or more services to cloud is a strategic decision, but as with any change programme, it is just the first step in a journey, and can be approached in many ways.

Here  we outline how organisations can go about planning, transitioning to and managing their IT services when migrating partly or wholly to cloud.

The document covers the essentials for your cloud journey including:

  • Mapping the Journey
  • Questions for potential suppliers
  • Cloud Migration
  • Supplier Management
  • Managing hybrid cloud
  • Cloud Intermediation Services

We also look at the key considerations for your cloud transformation in order to ensure that your cloud services and provision can be switched between different suppliers in the future.

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Cloud Security White Paper

Mobile and flexible working mean that the parameters of what is required to maintain data security have changed and are continually evolving. In the past, businesses have focused on protecting their network perimeter to keep business data secure.

How Secure is your Critical Business Data?

This White Paper is designed to help you address the cyber security challenges relevant to your business and make a case to your Board for the resources you need to implement an effective data security policy. It looks at data access, movement, storage and restoration, including the disciplines of identity and authentication management, network security (with practical tips on how to manage mobile working and BYOD/CYOD endpoints), data loss prevention and business continuity.

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Understanding and Implementing Cloud

Choosing the optimum mix of cloud services for your organisation

This White Paper aims to dispel the myths surrounding cloud computing by explaining the pros and cons of the different options available, why cloud security should no longer be a concern and how new skills, such as that of cloud broker or cloud auditor, can help organisations get the best from cloud by implementing a solution tailored to their specific needs.

Click here to download our White Paper "UNDERSTANDING AND IMPLEMENTING CLOUD".

Managed Services Whitepaper

Managed services provide an alternative to expensive on-premises infrastructure and applications, enabling organisations to move from a capital expense for equipment and multi-seat software licenses to a lower, recurring and predictable operating expense.  This White Paper looks at how managed services can form part of a cloud strategy to help organisations reduce costs, increase flexibility and focus in-house resources on their core business.

Click here to download our Managed Services White Paper "WHY MANAGED CLOUD SERVICES ARE REALLY CLOUD ON THE USER’S TERMS"  

Optimising your desktop Strategy: principles and practice

Desktop virtualisation offers considerable operational benefits and potential cost savings. In spite of this many organisations are still deploying full desktop PCs with locally installed operating systems and applications for the majority of their users. This is normally due to historic practice, and is where the skills and knowledge of their in-house staff lies.

There are a number of factors that have come together to drive changes in desktop strategy.

Click here to download our desktop strategy whitepaper "OPTIMISING YOUR DESKTOP STRATEGY: PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE"

Private Cloud White Paper

Why private cloud is your first step on the journey to cloud computing and how to get there

The IT infrastructure within most organisations is unnecessarily complex, resulting from successive business decisions taken over many years. This limits performance, scaleability and the flexibility to adapt to meet changing business requirements.

Cloud computing promises limitless capacity, almost total flexibility and increased efficiency, so is it the solution to IT infrastructure challenges? And, by moving IT spend from CapEx to OpEx, could it help organisations whose budgets are limited?

Fordway’s view is that, underneath the hype, cloud computing has some extremely useful concepts that organisations can implement quickly and easily to improve services. We believe that re-architecting your infrastructure as a private cloud serving your user community, with specific, low risk elements migrated to publicly available services, is the best first step to taking advantage of the benefits of cloud.


Click here to download our White Paper "Cloud Computing".



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